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2009 – Electric Stories

Franck Mouzon - 2008 - Electric Stories

Un album, pour lequel j'ai écarté les solutions toutes faites, j'ai donc programmé tous les sons de synthé (ou machines virtuelles), les rythmes, et inventé de nouveaux bidouillages sonores.

J'ai voulu aussi plus d'émotions, mais quoi de plus difficile à partager... avec seulement quelques notes.

Un album différent aussi, grâce à la voix formidable de "Kristin Hersh", chanteuse du groupe américain "The Throwing Muses".

La voix de Kristin Hersh sur les titres "Moan", "Fortune" et "Around Dusk" est publiée sous licence "Creative Commons Attribution Non commercial (3.0)".

(Musique Franck Mouzon - Paroles Kristin Hersh)
Franck : Piano, Synthetiseurs, Machines, Guitare, Effets
Kristin : Chant

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Around dusk

(Kristin Hersh)

around dusk
you walk the seven blocks to paradise
and throw your arms around it
part of the cattle call to harmony
at dawn it breaks
but much too late to wreck the night
we spun a silken effort
wrapping the day in softer company
my favorite distant sadist
the acid test tangle
face to face
under the lights
whatever it takes to kill me off
and throw your arms around me
wrapping the night in ugly harmony



(Kristin Hersh)

in the deep cold
you can’t be brave
in the deep cold
you can’t be safe
when the wind blows
you can’t be strong
when the wind blows
you won’t be strong
blows with a spine chilling
let’s drink to each other
and drink each other half to death
i’m jumping out of my skin
i’m jumping out of my skin again



(Kristin Hersh)

i left you cracking up in the east river
like some river devil
both cruel and unusual
thick with gold and smoking
my friend
under the wire again
and by the way
you cost a fortune
and by the way
you cast a shadow today
i watched you crawling up through the leaf litter
you don't seem to need to breathe
unlike us oily, imsy, cheap
thick with wonder bread
my friend
under the weather again